Win The Room™ is a fast growing company, but we started out as a bootstrapped woman-owned business that moved at stiletto-shattering speed.  What began as an individual coaching practice helping startup companies win venture capital has grown into a comprehensive solution for individual and corporate training in strategic communication.

 Led and inspired by Kelly's continued commitment to helping each of her client's achieve their goals in business and life, Win the Room exists thanks to the tireless efforts of our dedicated team.

 We’ve successfully helped many companies raise millions of dollars, and we continue to help our clients connect effectively with audiences large and small across a wide range of personal and professional contexts—from public speaking to pitching to their social media relations. The WTR team has had the fortune of working with professionals worldwide in all industries, including banking, advertising, hospitality, tech, universities, and more.  Our team has successfully taught individuals and large audiences alike how to passionately and strategically make a lasting impact through their communication.


We’ve grown a lot since 2011, but one thing hasn’t changed. We always strive to understand the universal tendencies behind motivation. When you motivate people, you move people. Moving people can change the world, and we’ll help you do it.