What Our Clients Say About Win The Room

" I worked with Kelly numerous times as my speaking and presentation coach for my TEDx talk. She was invaluable in helping shape my speech and delivery. Kelly gave me confidence by teaching techniques that allowed me to relate to ANY given audience in ANY setting. I strongly recommend her as a coach, whether to someone seeking media training, rehearsing for a speech, leadership development and/or confidence training. Kelly has contagious energy, and it was an absolute pleasure working with her. "

  Alexandra Wilkis Wilson, Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Gilt Groupe and CEO of GlamSquad



" Kelly Hadous was a featured speaker at my inaugural WIN Conference in Atlanta. She was a dynamic and engaging speaker who WON the hearts of EVERY woman in attendance with her brilliant topic, How to WIN the room. Attendees are still talking about the practical nuggets of wisdom Kelly left behind and can't wait to glean from her knowledge and expertise at WIN 2015! You were outstanding, Kelly! Thank you for sharing your heart and talent with my guests. "

  Patrice C. Washington, Speaker, Author, Coach  realmoneyanswers.com



" Kelly thank you for being you! Your event was perfect and I'm soo delighted I attended. I found your presentation to be authentic and relatable to the audience. Just what I needed. Thanks again! "

Latoya Benjamin, PR and Economic Development


" Kelly did more than help me communicate. She and her team helpd me cut through the white noise surrounding what our organization is about in order to embrace the heart of BlocPower. Working with Kelly has allowed me to identify the spark that defines our organization, not just the general area where it's located. Thanks to Kelly, I am better able to harness that ignition point and use the energy that it generates as a tool with which to communicate BlocPower's purpose, mission, and values. Furthermore, I have worked with other presentation specialists before and what sets Kelly apart is her ability to help people like me truly put a finger on the "why" behind what we are doing. I highly recommend Kelly to colleagues and friends. "

  James Hendon, Chief Operating Officer at BlocPower


" Kelly's workshop was extremely helpful. I’m a pretty experienced speaker at this point (both one-on-one meetings and at conferences over the years), but I always walk away with some new and exciting strategy from Kelly’s class — there's always some thoughful and unique tip I refer to when I need to “win the room!"

  Andrew Sheppard, Adjunct Professor of Finanical Engineering at Baruch College


"I reached out to Kelly and asked her to be a guest lecturer in my Capstone class at NYU, her knowledge about pitching was invaluable to my students. I then asked her to be a mentor to New York Universities incubators where I was the Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Kelly coached many of startup founders and taught several workshops for entrepreneurs. Throughout the years I've known her, she's been a wonderful mentor and can teach public speaking, pitching and presentation with her eyes closed."

Micah Kotch, Director of NY Prize and Strategic Advisor For Innovation


Kelly teaches people how to win the room. We should all know how, but few study it as a science. Credible experts in all subject areas often lack in interpersonal skills, public speaking, confidence, and in the “it” factor. Kelly indeed has the magic. She focuses on strategy, message, conviction, voice, personal connectivity, and presence. As messaging experts, our entire executive board was impressed with how complimentary her training was to our strategic communications. Kelly is a pleasure, she’s someone you want on your team. ”

  Daniel Delson, EVP of RLM Finsbury


" Kelly thank you so much for being you! Your event was absolutely perfect and I'm so happy that attended. I found your presentation to be authentic and relatable. I would love for you to be my mentor as I work on my personal development and professional skills."

Latoya Benjamin


"The WTR team helped us tremendously. Kelly's very smart and she and her team helped to clarify our pitch and our vision quickly. Because of Win The Room we delivered a winning presentation in front of hundreds of people, which secured us win at demo night and raise investment funds for our startup Sous App" 


Brian and Don, Founders

" Kelly is an exciting intellectual who can enrich your vision in so many ways. Working with her was one of the best things I did to prepare for my successful TEDx Silicon Alley talk. What I learned in the time spent with her is more than I could ever imagine. Kelly knows exactly what is needed to take yourself, speech and your audience to the next level. She coaches with confidence, grace and power; what she says is inspired from real wisdom. She is a shaman of words! In Kelly you will find not only an excellent coach for public speaking, leadership training and media appearance, but just interacting with her will improve your presence and attitude in everyday life. More than recommended. Love you my dear Kelly!! "

  Francesca Ferrando, PhD, Professor, Author and Post Humanist


Kelly shares her expertise on "The Art and Science of Influencing an Audience" at the Institute of Internal Auditors, New York Chapter at Baruch College. www.wintheroom.com


" Kelly was instrumental in taking my public speaking abilities to the next level. She helped me to win the rooms in large international conferences, where audience engagement is key. In a very short time she recognized the barriers and was able to come up with a highly personalized solution technique on-the-fly. I’m definitely recommending Kelly to colleagues and friends! "

  Yuli Ziv, Style Coalition


" Kelly's presentation on how to "win the room" is invaluable. She deftly shows the importance of connecting with your audience in-person or online, whether it's to one person or to one million people. I look forward to working with Kelly, as I embark on teaching my audience the nuances of business planning and investment pitching. "

  Dave Friedman, CEO at Design First Media


" 5 stars Kelly your class was amazing!!! I LOVED it and learned so much. I met lots of great people in her workshop, and look forward to personally working with Kelly on my pitch. Thank you! "

Elsa Mehary – elsamehary.com

"Kelly it was great meeting and learning from you. I'm going to follow you and connect soon to benefit from your great wisdom and experience. I want to master my body language, as it has been challenging for me being born in Communist Poland."

Monika Kusinska Paez

 " As President and co-owner of Fancy Foods Inc., I've attended several seminars with the hope that I would learn at least one thing that would assist me with my business. Kelly Hadous’ of “Win the Room” presentation was particularly beneficial. Well, to my surprise, I learned much more than simply one thing, and the important lessons taught, will not only prove extremely useful in my business, they can also be applied to my personal life. My only regret is not inviting more of my employees to attend this exceptional seminar. If you find yourself in any situation where you need to capture the attention of one person or a thousand, “Win the Room” by Kelly Hadous, will greatly benefit you personally and professionally. "

Robert Corazza, President www.fancyfoodsinc.com


" Kelly was an angel sent to me. An expert in her field, she clearly understood my weaknesses from the start. Kelly gave me confidence as a presenter. Because of her, I delivered a powerful speech to over 1000 people. She clarified my written presentation, improved my speech, vocal projection, and stage presence. When I resisted she offered solid insight and reliable techniques to break through emotional blocks. In addition, she advised me in strategizing a go-to game plan with potential investors. I recommend working with Kelly hands down! And, recently Kelly gave a wonderful talk in Kuala Lumpur to MaGIC's Academy packed audience with rave reviews. "

Cheryl Yeoh – CEO of MaGIC Academy in Cyberjaya Malaysia


" I had the pleasure of witnessing Kelly in action on a investment panel that I organized, it focused on how entrepreneurs can captivate audiences and potential investors. Throughout, Kelly’s input was an invaluable contribution. Her solid feedback made all the founders in the room step up their game. Her methods on how to improve the message of your pitch, how to use voice, energy, and body language is critical for winning over any audience. If you’re looking to polish your sales/pitching and presentation skills I highly recommend Kelly of WinTheRoom. "

   Patrick Burns – StartupLeadership

"Needless to say Win The Room is the hall mark for attaining all types of success. Additionally, Win The Room is an essential everyone. As the true test of intelligence is now being assessed the way one reacts to each other or reacts before the public. WTR helps every one reach his or her goals."

Shalini Soni


" I’ve learned a lot and had a lot of fun working with Kelly. To prepare me for Good Morning America, we met in-person and via Skype. She got right to the nitty gritty and quickly help to define my brand and my message. Through her training my focus and energy were shifted away from myself, and projected out to interviewer and onto my unseen audience. Her techniques and constant support continue to give me the freedom to be in the moment. I Highly recommend Kelly, she is knowledgeable, insightful and a brilliant coach. "

Lynae Fearing, Shinsei Restaurant


" I attended a pitch clinic taught by Kelly, and was impressed with her coaching skills in total, but most specifically, she has a remarkable ability to criticize without criticizing." It is the embodiment of “constructive. ”

   Ron Garcia-Vidal RioMar Group


" Kelly helped me co-organize TEDx 2011 and 2012, which was quite an undertaking. Our audience size was 1000 people. We had our hands full from the sponsorships. AV setup, press and social media management. Kelly also made herself available to the TEDx Silicon Alley speakers, worked one-on-one with several, and conducted a speaker’s workshop offered to all (those whom she coached shared with me their praise, and it showed in their presentations). She was a true business partner and receives my highest recommendation. Kelly gets things done."

  Chris Grayson, Humble TV and Organizer of TEDx Silicon Alley


" I use Kelly’s techniques regularly, through my many interactions, I keep her words close to heart: be mindful of my presence and others, know what I want and what others want, and how to emotionally interact for impact. and results. She has amazing insight into people and she’s very passionate about making sure you walk away with very actionable feedback and methods. Kelly’s ability was all the more impressive since we had a full workshop She gave our investment pitches very specific tailored feedback. It is clear that Kelly loves her work and is very good at it. I look forward to developing my skills further with her. "

Marcus Louie – Collective(i)


" Kelly teaches with such a passion and an excitement that is vital to helping anyone to succeed, especially in fast-paced New York, in the tech hub and in life. Kelly challenges you to find your focus and bring a positive sense of urgency in all projects you engage in. I highly recommend Kelly to anyone looking to up their game, and communicate better with co-workers, investors and business partners. I look forward to working with her again! "

Chas Wagner, Six Overtimes


" Kelly’s coaching greatly improved my communication skills. I spend a lot of time speaking both publicly, on my radio show and privately with clients. She gave me methods for allowing more heartfelt communication, and as a result, I feel more confident in my practice. I would highly recommend Kelly’s to all professionals looking to improve their interpersonal skills. "

  Anthony Mancuso, The Fearless Road

" My experience with Kelly was watching her front and center control the crowded event at Stamford Tech meetup. (BTW An event which she co-founded and helped to put Stamford Ct on the map as a tech hub.) Kelly's leadership made for an extremely effective and enjoyable time. Also, I had the pleasure of Kelly’s expertise in one-on-one coaching sessions when she defined, molded and structured my product pitch. Kelly’s amazing talents accurately identified my positives and strengthened my weaknesses. She identified nuances I needed to make a presentation come alive, from message, presence, voice, to engaging the audience with a powerful call of action. Because of Kelly, I gave the most powerful pitch." Kelly taught me to “win the room. ”

  Simon Silverleaf, Expense Reduction Analysts



" Kelly did an excellent job of providing constructive targeted feedback, while maintaining an open and positive atmosphere. She also encouraged feedback from the general audience, and she was great at finessing and moderating that discussion. I was impressed by the amount of insight she was able to share in her mini-feedback sessions, in contrast to people who just ramble on for a long time without saying much. Each of her words counted. "

  Dan Bernstein, HSHNordbank


" When I started my book tour for, “The What If? Book of Question?” I needed help on my public speaking and presentation skills. My friend Nevil Ede recommended Kelly Hadous, and just as he promised, she saved the day! She’s part strategist, part psychologist and part motivator. Kelly shared her valuable techniques, honed over many years of winning many, many challenging rooms. Kelly gave me the confidence and the tools to project my best self and the know how to really connect with my audience. I am convinced that Kelly Hadous could quickly win over a room full of wild cats and out-of-control toddlers. Imagine what she could do for you. "

  Miggs Burroughs, fine artist and author of "The What if? Book of Questions"


" Kelly quickly lasered in to my weaknesses and brought me into the present with techniques that effectively improved my presentation skills. She is a force in leading the room and bringing out your best self. Highly recommended. "

Kara Dake, Signalfy


" Valuable insight from Kelly, and I’m immediately incorporating her wisdom into my investment pitch. Her event was informative, and she made sure if someone stood up to practice their pitch that it was a safe and a supportive environment. "

Kevin Dawkins


"Kelly Hadous's talk at MaGIC about improving communication skills has given me more confidence than Toastmasters!"

Maggie Tan, MaGIC Academy in Cyberjaya Malaysia


" In 2012, Kelly led an excellent event that I organized at Baruch College. We received great insights on how to improve our pitching, and she made sure the entire audience benefited as well from watching us pitch. Really great take aways and great insight on positioning skills. Kelly taught thought-out strategies that you can apply and get results. After experiencing and witnessing her coach others. In 2013, I decided to hire her as our luncheon speaker at the Institute of Internal Auditors, New York Chapter at Baruch College. Kelly generously shared her expertise and gave a passionate 60 minute talk on “The Art and Science of Influencing an Audience.” Throughout, the talk, Kelly successfully engaged the large crowd of about 200 attendees who walked away with excellent ideas and valuable techniques. "  Kelly is truly an expert in winning the room as the name of her company suggests.

Uday Gulvadi, CPA,CAMS Director Director, Internal Audit, Risk and Compliance at Telavance, Inc.



" After attending one of Kelly’s session’s I recalled Jim Rohn’s definition of success, “Success is something you attract, by the person you become.” Kelly has a unique gift for helping people to become that person they want to become. She immediately amplify people’s talents by helping them with everything from their presence and voice, to their energy and how to deliver their message. "

Greg Pilla


I had the pleasure of interviewing Kelly for my weekly TV show, and she is the Angelina Jolie of the dot.com! Kelly is very intelligent, business savvy, and a great communicator. 

  Kamarul Bahrin   Astro Awani, Financial Hill, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


"Kelly is first class all the way! She came on board as a guest speaker on my panel for Trailblazing Women Live conference. She not only delivered top notch information but was an engaging and inspirational speaker. Without me asking her she dove right in and began helping me promote my event by giving me an interview on her weekly TV show and posted the event on social media platforms leading up to the conference. She is a team player and more! Kelly is truly an amazing and gifted speaker! I'm so very happy Kelly and I connected and will definitely have her again at my future events."

Deborah Aromin, CEO and Founder of Traliblazing Women Live


" Kelly is not only always straight to the point, but also incredibly sweet and encouraging. She makes you feel like an old-time friend instantly -- that you are always comfortable to share with her your challenges and ask her for feedback. Kelly's has a rare talent that helps you to shape your content through storytelling, use audience appropriate language, and how to use body language to paint a vivid picture for your audience. She helped make my TEDx Silicon Alley talk successful and relatable to a
largely tech driven audience. Most importantly, she is genuine, welcoming, and full of smart ideas! It was such a pleasure working with Kelly, and I will always return to her to prepare another public speaking event! "


  Ding Ding - Co-founder of TunTunTuTu

The first pitch can be the most nerve-wracking experience for a young startup. Thank you Kelly for coaching our lab members to be better at presenting and pitching to audiences. 

Daniel O'Duffy - WeWork

" Kelly is my ace in the hole. She has been my executive coach and advisor for over 2 years now. She is skilled in knowing how to turn obstacles into gold. I've closed multimillion dollars deals directly related to her strategies, insights and communication skills. I'm often quoted as a leading expert in my particular field, and I rely heavily on Kelly's acumen for guidance. Kelly Hadous is a strategist and a diplomat, which makes her a force to be reckoned with in face to face communications. "

Thomas C. New York and London


"I had the distinct pleasure of working with Kelly Hadous to launch the social media campaign for my creation, Yoga Teddy Bear.  As a hands-on visual artist who does not spend a lot of time in virtual reality, I felt intimidated and unsure of how to manage my online presence.  Kelly and her team gave me a great jump start in the social media arena, as well as invaluable strategic advice on how to manage communications, identify and target my audience, become a thought leader in yoga education circles and overall grow my business.  Because of Kelly's efforts, the Yoga Teddy Bear brand is much more focused and has its own distinct voice.  Now my character has a respectable online presence and our followers continue to grow.  Thanks, Kelly!"

 K. M. Copham, creator / CEO, Yoga Teddy Bear


“Working with Kelly was awesome.  In just a few short minutes she helped me hone my topic and understand my speaking strengths and weaknesses.  She also quickly demonstrated the importance of connecting with an audience and how to make that connection by empathizing with people’s concerns.”


Jeremy Cohen

"Kelly hadous you are a master communicator. Your talk at New York Expo on How To Communicate In Social Media was engaging with lots of fun group dialog and many lessons learned."

Charlie Tao, Life Coach and Motivational Speaker

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