Win The Room: Transformational Speaking and Leadership

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Win The Room: Transformational Speaking and Leadership


In this 12 hour intensive coaching program, you'll learn how to command the stage. Win The Room's CEO and certified executive coach Kelly Hadous is a world-class public speaker who has spoken on many stages throughout her career. Her client lists stems from startup founders to in the spot-light politicians. 

You can have all the expertise in the world, be the top expert in your field, but if you cannot deliver your information with poise, humor, warmth, and, dare I say, technique, you will just blend into all the others. 

Standing out in public speaking is about 7 essential actions that Win the Room will teach you:

  • The difference between transactional and transformation leaders
  • How to have a resonant and powerful speaking voice
  • Message and pitch strategy
  • How to practice and be off-script 
  • Eliminate stage fright and channel your energy
  • Engage your audience
  • Get what you want and make it a win/win

Changing behavior is never easy nor is it comfortable. It can take years to become an excellent public speaker, but Win the Room will give you customized tools to build your speaking skills quickly. When you are coached by Kelly Hadous you'll have every opportunity to stand in your greatness. Because when you're a great communicator, you have more leverage in business, not to mention that you're a better leader, manager, and team player.

This training is for absolutely anyone who has a message they want to communicate effectively to a group of any size.

Too often, speakers are unsure of how to connect with their audiences intelligently and emotionally at the same time. Through our training, you'll learn steadfast methods and techniques that will provide the resources you need to win the room.

Through Win The Room™ training, you'll accomplish any combination or all of the following, based on your individual needs:

  • Learn proven methods to emotionally engage with any audience.

  • Learn how to pitch products, services and new projects.

  • Learn to actively listen and react in the moment.

  • Identify your passion and subject matter expertise.

  • Understand body language and build richer vocal resonance.

  • Find power in your vulnerability.

  • Learn how to convey and use the right data in storytelling.

  • Start seeing obstacles as opportunities.

  • Execute your social media strategy to promote your speaking engagement. 

  • Identify events that would be good to speak at

  • How to pitch and book speaking engagements

The coaching consists of 12 hours of intensive training.WTR's equips you with the tools to be more effective and profitable as a communicator. Webinar, phone, or in-person sessions are available. 

Eliminate fear of public speaking once and for all, in a safe, constructive, yet fun environment!

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WTR's methods help you become a more efficient and passionate speaker and leader.