Win The Room: Media Appearance Training

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Win The Room: Media Appearance Training


With the rise of video and media you need a compelling presence that makes you stand out and get noticed. WTR helps to define, prepare, and focus your topic, letting you concentrate your energy away from yourself and toward your audience, where it belongs.

Through WTR’s methods, you’ll learn the mechanics of being in front of the camera. Emotionally connecting with an unseen audience, and staying in the moment are key, so that you can deliver a heartfelt message effectively and persuasively. You’ll learn techniques that will let you speak naturally, as though having a conversation with someone in your living room. Managing nerves and fears is half the battle, then you can begin to develop your own personal flair and really start to enjoy speaking.

It comes down to practice, practice, practice. With our coaching, each session will be better and you can watch yourself grow! To augment the process, film is used as a teaching tool. After all, we should learn from other masters.

We will help you to rock your media appearance and represent yourself and your company in a professional compelling way.

10 hours of training either in person and online we will film you so you can play it back and keep learning.

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Video has a greater chance of reaching a much larger audience. 

Video is permanent, and therefore it can be unforgiving. The camera sees everything, and it's much harsher on the speaker. But it also allows for future viewing, thus spreading your ideas even after you leave the room. If you're video appearance is exceptional, you're no longer pursuing an audience, they find you.

Win The Room teaches you how to connect with an unseen audience, and treat the camera like it was your best friend.