THE NEETHLING BRAIN INSTRUMENT Assessment: determine if you're a left or right minded communicator


THE NEETHLING BRAIN INSTRUMENT Assessment: determine if you're a left or right minded communicator



Renowned psychologist Kobus Neethling realized that different personality types can ultimately be sorted based on right and left brain traits. Everyone takes in information freely, structually, or more often, a mixture of both. Knowing your brain preference gears you toward whole brain thinking

Are you more analytical or free spirited? Creative or factual? Those preferences are fundamental to how you work, and which peole you tend to gravitate to. The NBI breaks the brain into 4 quadrants, each with different sets of thinking traits, then uses your responses to develop a thinking preference profile.

This assessment is for literally anyone, because whole brain preferences are universal. Public speakers must realize what movements and writing they prefer. Leaders have to take in ideas and process them effectively. Social media campaigns are led by creativity, visual appeal and clarity. Great for people who want to learn why they act, think, and communicate the way they do!

Whole Brain Thinking starts with WTR, you and one of these:

NBI Adult- great if you're looking for the full picture of your thinking preferences, and how that affects your actions. Developing better relationships, making more dynamic contributions in the team and making sound and relevant decisions are but a few of the advantages of understanding your own thinking profile. 

NBI Leadership- give you an insight into your leadership style, the preferences which guide you when operating in a leadership role. You could discover some gaps in your leadership style and areas where there could be room for improvement!

NBI Personal Skills- identifies your skills. If you have interest in an area, you may or may not have the skills to handle the job successfully and happily. Check with the Personal Skills instrument. The PS will recommend careers that you're equipped to handle and happy to grow in, so your vision and talent are one.

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