Hogan Leadership Assessment

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Hogan Leadership Assessment



Dr. Robert Hogan spent his career proving that personality is the number one indicator of workplace performance. Behavior in different situations is crucial to employee satisfaction and objectivity. Turning personality into a science that guides you to success and happiness.

The Hogan uses the powerful science of personality assessment to help you hire the right people, develop talented employees, build great leaders, and impact the bottom line. Several different assessments examine different parts of your behavior under different environments. Depending on stress level, people tend to act differently, sometimes negatively. Don't you want to know ahead of time? All the Hogan Assessments take about 20 minutes, and different reports can be chosen for your specific goals.

The Hogan is for recruiters, hiring officers, job-seekers, executives, and anyone looking for insight into their work environment.

Buy a Hogan Assessment and get to know yourself!

The Personality Inventory (HPI)- measures how you act on a good day. Unlock your strengths and weaknesses that show themselves on a daily basis.Your leadership doesn't come in spurts; you should be strong consistently! Improve your day-to-day behaviors and watch your work become more engaging and satisfying.

The Development Survey (HDS)- how you might potentially act under stress. These are qualities that can inhibit your success, disrupt relationships, damage reputations. This is perfect for anyone with a stressful environment or annoying coworker. Jump over roadblocks and achieve your goals with more ease.

Motives, Values, and Preferences (MVPI)- If you want to know what drives you forward and makes you tick, the MVPI will reveal your inner ambitions. The results will tell you why you pursue certain paths, and align your vision with the optimal path to fulfillment, where you'll flourish.

Cumulative Report- All three reports for the entire picture of your leadership and work skills. By taking all three assessment you leave with the full knowledge of your core values, calm and stressed behaviors, and how to use those to your advantage. The Cumulative is a detailed overview and prepares you for optimal success.

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