Ah, the age of communication and video, there's nothing like it where you can share your ideas and hopefully ‪#‎inspire‬ an audience to take positive action in some small way. I'm so very ‪#‎grateful‬ and incredibly honored for the opportunities that have come my way, and even though I teach communication and leadership skills, and I'm proud of my talk here, I'm still learning how to be better at winning the room.

Throughout my ‪#‎career‬, I've been blessed to develop various ‪#‎techniques‬ which have allowed me to deconstruct talks and look at them more mechanically with a healthy enough emotional detachment, in order to learn, grow, and become a better speaker. 

One of my first clients Cheryl Yeoh who has made tremendous leaps with her career invited me to speak at her conference in Kuala Lumpur, ‪#‎Malaysia‬. This video was shot at the Malaysian Global Innovation and Creativity Centre in front of a warm and an amazing audience. #grateful ‪#‎feelingblessed‬ ‪#‎communication‬ ‪#‎leadership‬ ‪#‎wintheroom‬

Let me know how your thoughts and how you win your room.