Linkedin is probably one of the most powerful social platforms for professionals. Personally, I know from own experience it has elevated my position as a communication expert, bringing many opportunities and clients. 

My advice is simple, just start connecting in some small way. Linkedin is like the ocean, it's features, unique algorithms and reach is vast. And if you try to tackle it all at once, you'll be overwhelmed. Start by posting comments that are relevant for your connections, contributing in like-minded groups, or by endorsing connections that deserve your endorsement. 

It's imperative to firstly develop your presence as an expert, and be known as a giver, before you start sending cold emails that smell of sales. No one likes to be sold to you. People want to find out about you and your product in a more organic way. 

Think about Linkedin as if it's the ultimate networking party-- imagine you're standing in a room surrounded by your valuable connections, would you immediately ask them for business? I think not, because that would be selfish, and all about you. Instead, before the ask, get to know your Linkedin online community, and chances are the business will follow. 

Remember, people do business with people they like. 

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