I've been on more stages then I can count and one thing I learned is that every outstanding and memorable actor learns how to relax, focus and “be in the moment”. The actor understands in order to intellectually and emotionally convince their audience, they must be persuasive, relatable, and believable. 

This concept is also true for any effective public speaker, whether you’re in front of a large or small audience. If you want to be an influential speaker, and reach many people with your message then you must learn how to be fully present. The audience is innately intelligent, and they’ll know right away if you’re not present. They’ll lose trust in your message and in you. Once this happen it's very difficult to bring them back.

Personally, I don’t believe nervous energy ever goes away. Instead, I think of it as fuel. It’s true, our nervousness becomes less as time goes on, and it’s because we learned how to use it to our advantage. If you learn how to focus your energy on the goal and on the audience, you’ll be naturally gain more confidence.

Through many grueling years of stage training, I’ve become a technician of an incredible craft. I developed many of my public speaking skills through acting, namely Shakespeare and Chekhov. I learned how to deconstruct and remove habitual methods that would prevent me from performing at my peak.

It took me many years of training. However, I realize that many of my clients needs are different, and don’t have the luxury of years to learn such techniques. As a coach, I help my clients with their pitches and presentations to develop a solid system.

By having a good strategy it will eradicate the following:

Performance Anxiety

Vocal deadness

Nervous body language

Robotic and unemotional responses

Bored audience

Unsupported point of views

A sound strategy will allow you to have the following:

Conviction, and a powerful sense of purpose

Know how to read your audience so you can respond authentically

Become a more engaging speaker

Soulful storytelling skills

Convey your passion

Have an emotional impact

Be remembered

Close a sale

Love to hear your thoughts about this!