Kelly Hadous is the Founder and CEO of Win The Room, a training and development company that focuses on Public Speaking, Pitching and Leadership.

Kelly Hadous' Win The Room technique has been developed and perfected over the past 25+ years in a unique career path spanning working on Wall Street's front line, the trading floor to classical acting on stage and directing. 

WTR coaches individuals and companies in public speaking, leadership, pitching to potential Investors, and in digital marketing. Kelly has also spoken at events such as TEDx Silicon Alley in New York City and was a keynote speaker at Malaysian Global Creativity Center in Cyberjaya, Malaysia and at ISFT in Delhi India.  Additionally, she has also been invited to moderate, participate on numerous speaking panels both domestically and internationally, interviewed rainmakers, and cofounded Stamford Tech, a meetup started in Stamford, CT, which has expanded to over two thousand members since inception, and sold in 2010.

Most recently she launched Power The Brand a company she founded to help people with Online Communication and how it relates to Marketing and Branding. 

Kelly also founded an online education company focused solely on Communication.  From concept through website execution, she has been a hands-on guide for Emiisor regarding the design, programming and development. Where Win The Room teaches individuals and companies the science of public speaking and communications, Emiisor links experts in the field with specific clients looking to grow a particular skill in that arena.

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Kelly holds degrees from NYU and Columbia Universities. She spent 10 years on Wall Street’s front line, trading risk arbitrage securities, and years of performing on stages worldwide. She has mastered communication: on stage and in business. Because her methods are universals, she has worked with people from all areas of business.

For the past several years, she's been an ongoing lecturer and mentor at New York University’s Tandon School of Engineering, teaching entrepreneurs how to communicate their ideas smartly, and with influence, as well as how to pitch to investors.


Kelly Hadous is a truly a charismatic public speaker with a commanding presence, capable of both informing and capturing an audience with her unique point of view on how to win the room and the public. Her talks have always been met with enthusiasm, praise, and a promise for more.

Her rare and stimulating ideas come from a very diverse background, covering finance, classical theater, coaching and public speaking. Every chapter in her life has brought new knowledge and savvy to her wealth of experience.


As the CEO and founder of winTHERoom, Kelly provides coaching, seminars, webinars, and many other services to her clients. 

Kelly has had the privilege of speaking and coaching at a variety of events, including multiple TEDx appearances, keynotes, workshops, and guest lectures.  A few of her speaking engagements are listed below:


ISFT Tech Conference, India
MaGIC, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

EuroVerge Women's Leadership Conference in Zurich Switzerland
National Cultural Women's Conference, NY
New York University Global Conference, NY
NY Business Expo, Javits Center, NY
New York University, NY
TEDX Mill River 2013, CT
TEDx Silicon Alley 2012, NY
TEDx Silicon Alley 2011, NY
WeWork, NY
Institute of Internal Auditors, Baruch College, NY
Trailblazing Women, NY
WIN Conference, Atlanta GA.
Women in Tech, NY
Women's Leadership Conference, NJ
Orientrue, China                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            What Women Want, Westport CT                                                                                                                                                                                                                Higgins Group and Christie's International Real Estate Group Annual Conference, Patterson Club, Fairfield CT.

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